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February 26th, 2008

This is a discussion group to discuss any subject at all. It is not limited to Science and could include interesting points from politics to pre biblical history. As is usual with my sites the language should be acceptable in a family environment with no crudity or abusive deviations.

So what do you think of :-

The Speaker of the House of Commons expense claims?  and the rest of them.

Over 40 people in UK have been murdered, in the last year,  by convicted murderers let out of gaol early- What should we/they do about it? What penalty(if any) has been applied to those whose judgement was so consistently flawed as to let them out early.

What about the A-levels being dumbed down and now to be scrapped — Is your kid’s education satisfactory – no not is it good? – Is it even satisfactory?

What do you think of Companies designing and arranging degree qualifications – which the Government is planning. Will they be worth the same as the old degrees??

Have you noticed the price of petrol since it broke £1 /litre -It seems to be romping away again and the price is nearly all tax anyway.

Can you tell me by how much those selling alcohol will have to put up the price in order to deter our youngsters from their self harming drinking craze. — Will this increase be tax or profit? Why do I have to pay more because they won’t enforce the existing laws?

The government is reputedly not happy with flying — It causes Global Warming, so they say — By how much do you think it needs to rise to deter us from flying. Will this be tax or profit ?How much extra airport capacity is planned for the next 10 years. How does this square with their professed “Green ” ambitions . Are their green statements just a sham so we will think that the extra green taxes are worthwhile  Did you ever think that a Labour government would stop the poor flying, thus leaving it only for the rich. Come to think of it who does the traffic congestion charge hit most — the poor or the rich.

What do you think about these things  or indeed anything else – just let me know

If you want to do something about it – like write to your MP. Visit www.is-it-just-me.co.uk which will provide links to find his address or that of your local councillor etc . Makes writing to them easy.

Hello world!

February 26th, 2008

Welcome aboard !  Check out your opinion here . Try to convince others by the weight of your argument.  Any topic at all apart from the obscene or violent . Don’t let “Political Correctness ” fly against common sense but be moderate in your language.

Come on in give it a go .